About us

Blessing in My Pressing was established in 2016 after the loss of our newborn son Myles Cherry in 2015. This was by far the worst experience we had to deal with.  Our pain pushed us into pursuing this business. It is by the grace of God they we are able to press through our adversity. Fast forward to 2020, I never imagined going through another traumatic experience especially, during the pandemic. I loss my sister, brother and mother to COVID within a matter of two weeks. What we thought was a trying time in 2015 was only a training ground for such a time as this. I would be inaccurate to say that 2020 has been an awesome year; however, I will say that God is sustaining us in the midst of it all. We are firm believers that there's a blessing awaiting you when you're able to press through your situation. Many of you have experienced trying times and have managed to overcome them. Please use our products as a way to spark a conversation with hopes of sharing your story. We all have a testimony and should take time to share it as someone is waiting to be inspired, encouraged and uplifted. We appreciate your support and loyalty.

  • We are currently located online only. 
  • Our store opened in 2016.
  • There are 2 members on the team.
  • We can be reached by email at blessinginmypressing@gmail.com or by phone at (202) 812-3584.
  • Please connect with us by liking our pages on Facebook  "Blessing in My Pressing T-Shirt Apparel," Instagram @blessinginmypressing and Twitter @blessed2press